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Referrals -

commissioning or access to psychological therapy

Employee assistance & NHS commissioning

For Employers wanting to support individuals with mental health provision

For NHS practices who want provision of psychotherapy/counselling from an accredited register member

  • I offer individual therapy packages for Employee Assistance Programmes. Please contact me for more information: and to discuss your organisation's and employee's particular needs.

Please see this link to useful ACAS PDF booklet 'Promoting positive mental health at work'

  • As a member of the Accredited Register, please find a useful video below from the National Counselling Society. This video programme is about the National Counselling Society and how using therapists on Accredited Registers could help to improve waiting times and choice of therapies within the NHS. The programme was created by ITN Productions for the 2016 New NHS Alliance's Summit 'Healthy Communities, Healthy People'.

The National Counselling Society - benefits of Accredited Registers within referral pathways . The National Counselling Society's programme, reported by Nick Wallis, features key industry interviews and news-style reports along w...

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