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Angie Giles  

Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Counselling - either online or in-person at The Lanes Clinic, Norwich, NR2 1DR

Norwich, Norfolk, UK, qualified, accredited psychotherapist/ counsellor and hypnotherapist

Experienced, qualified personal development and leadership coach

There are times when life can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Things from the past can get in the way. 

Do you want to feel empowered and start resolving things holding you back? What about motivation for losing weight? Getting rid of a habit, or eliminating a phobia? Find out how you can manage feelings of anxiety. Feeling greater confidence, for example, during a performance or facing a job interview! Hypnotherapy, counselling, mindfulness and personal or career coaching can help you get the best out of life. 

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How hypnotherapy can help you?

Hypnotherapy can tackle emotional and physical problems, whether stress or anxiety-related or other issues. By helping you achieve a relaxed state, stress is naturally reduced and unwanted behaviours or beliefs can be addressed. Hypnosis within therapy (hypnotherapy) allows you to be in control of your situation. You're not 'asleep', you are focused. I support you with a journey of relaxation, discovery and change. Find out how your mind can unlock your potential. 

Hypnotherapy is therapeutic

Hypnotherapy is better understood as a rapid form of therapy, helping achieve what you want in the quickest time possible, compared to other therapies that may take longer to achieve the same results. For more information on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in treating numerous issues, alongside counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, do get in touch. Let me reassure you here, you won't be clucking like a duck or anything that you may have seen, as with a stage hypnotist. 

Coaching enables you to find out things about a situation or come up with solutions and goals otherwise more challenging to see through on your own. Working with someone outside of a usual social circle or family, enables exploration of situations and ideas without baggage or preconceptions to hold things back. A coach can be objective and it can give you extra momentum to make things happen and put achievable steps in place.

Counselling offers you a way of working through issues at a pace that is right for you and to gain insights where before there might have been confusion. The choice is yours and a mixture of both therapies is an option, if preferred. For example, it might be you want to quit smoking, though see a number of reasons why it's been hard to stop before, so we look at and agree a plan to deal with those old issues first. Quitting smoking may seem easier once the way is cleared. 

I am on an Accredited Register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. This was set up by the Government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public. I am DBS register checked [CRB]

Mindfulness (& meditation)

Our brain is a wonderful and complex tool, isn't it? We internally chatter away to ourselves and yet aren't always aware that the chatter may need to be gently soothed and re-directed. Particularly so if anxiety or stress is something affecting your life. Learn ways to help you to manage your busy brain. I demonstrate mindfulness and meditation (non-religious), having applied these techniques in my own life, and I undertook training with which to guide others.  

Some Private Healthcare providers now reimburse payment for hypnotherapy treatment. You should check with your provider. Whether they reimburse for treatment depends on the organisation an individual Hypnotherapist is registered with. I've listed relevant ones here:

Westfield Health: Recognises CNHC registration for reimbursement on a limited number of corporate paid plans provided by specific employers. Please check with your employers' plan/ policy.

Health Shield: Recognises both CNHC and GHR registration for reimbursement on specified corporate paid plans. Please check with your corporate plan/ policy.  

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I'm sure you'll want to know more, so, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


I run HypnoShape® weight reduction and well-being services.  Contact me for more details on this. It's a fantastic way to find the motivation to lose weight and feel great. Support and coaching that is tailored to you.

Contact my mobile to speak to me directly: 07773 610816 or text. 

Or use the contact form - I usually get back to you within 24 hours or much sooner!

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 'In Life, as in dreams, anything is possible'       

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